Workshops Kids

"In each workshop for children and teenagers we feel that they're caught up in the fascination and we open up a certain world for them which let's them forget everything around them – they're just having fun!"

BEAT POETRY CLUB are not only writing original songs, packing all-time hits in crisp arrangements and makes the audience indulge in choreographies with lots of groove – they also enjoy working with kids and teenagers in workshops to pass on their passion: making music together, singing and rocking the house!

In workshops that can be individually adapted to different group sizes, configurations or special requirements the five energetic women want to dive into the work with a cappella music and take the young participants along into a world of modern sounds.

We use well known hits that the kids like to study an a cappella version. Sometimes we only use the chorus of a song and create new lyrics preferably in rap style together with the kids.

At the very latest when Lilly's beatbox session starts the five singers and educators win over the adolescents! Choreographies and simple moves which also help to memorize the lyrics are developed for all the dance enthusiasts.

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