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"We think it's great to see that our participants take something home with them from every workshop: Whether it's a newfound love of singing groovy basslines, an exciting discovery of a new sound with their voice, a bit more confidence or just a huge smile and the memory of having fun and enjoying making music together! "

BEAT POETRY CLUB is much more than "just" a live band:

Die engagierten Mitglieder der Band sind alle pädagogisch tätig bzw. ausgebildet und haben sich entschlossen nicht nur Musik zu kreieren sondern auch zu vermitteln.

In the workshops, which can be individually adapted to different group sizes, compositions and special wishes, the 5 energetic women want to work with a capella music and take the participants into the world of modern sounds.

Music education concepts have been developed for small groups as well as for groups of up to 300 participants and the duration of each workshop can also be arranged flexibly. From vocal coaching to choreographic work, BEAT POETRY CLUB skillfully packs everything under one hat.

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